Certificate of Deposit

We’ve Got A Certificate of Deposit That’s Right For You

Over the years, nothing has proved to be more reliable year in and year out than bank certificates of deposit. With a minimum investment of $2,000.00 you cd imagecan take advantage of this great opportunity today.

Maturity periods include:

3 Months
6 Months
12 Months
18 Months
24 Months
36 Months
48 Months
60 Months

Unlike most other financial institutions, we compound interest on a daily basis. This helps improve your yield and maximize earnings on your certificate of deposit.  Interest earnings will be added back to the balance of your certificate and paid to you at maturity.

Our Certificates of Deposits offer guaranteed yields, flexibility, and the safety of FDIC insurance. That’s because you lock in a high yield that’s guaranteed from the day you open the account until the day it matures. You know exactly what return you’ll get and when you’ll get it.

Your investment is safe because Peoples State Bank CDs are backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation for up to $250,000 per individual – making them as safe as any investment in the world.

We offer Certificates of Deposit in a broad range of maturities, each designed with a particular goal in mind. For as little as $2000.00, you can open your own CD today! To help you decide which CD will best meet your needs, request a CD quote from one of our Customer Service Representatives today at (386) 754-0002.

  • Short-Term CDs. Short term savings certificates, usually up to 3 months, offer you the fastest, readiest access to your money.
  • Medium-Term CDs. Our 6 to 18 month medium-term CDs offer you higher yields than shorter term CDs.
  • Long-Term CDs. If you have a long-term outlook, our CDs with maturities of 24 months or more reward you with the highest yields we have to offer.